Graduate College

Admission FAQ

Who do I contact to get admission requirements and information for my major?

Each major has a Graduate Faculty member who has been designated as the Graduate Coordinator for that major. The Graduate Coordinator is your contact person for admission materials and program information. Click here for an alphabetical listing of majors available. Click on the major for a short description of that major, and contact information for the department that houses that major and the Graduate Coordinator of that major.

For a list of materials applicants are required to submit for specific graduate programs, Click here.

Where can I get information on housing?

On-campus housing is arranged through the Department of Residence. You can contact them at 319-273-2333 or click here to go to their web page.

How late can I apply for admission?

Applications for Degree-Status admission and all credentials required for admission should be on file in the Office of Admissions at least one month before departmental review. Students must contact the academic department regarding application review deadlines. International students should note the special application deadlines required by International Admissions at:  Applications for Non-Degree Status will be accepted up to five (5) days before registration.